When you’re a shy kid and grow up  receiving unfortunate haircuts from your mom, it’s incredibly emboldening to get your first-ever, real, professional haircut.  After visiting a salon for the first time, I felt strong and I felt seen.  This was when I realized that getting a haircut is sometimes just the catalyst we need to grow into the best version of ourselves.

Having spent many years in the beauty industry, I’ve come to see that the way we wear our hair is truly a reflection of our inner lives.  Conversely, when our haircut doesn’t feel quite right, it can leave us feeling uncomfortable and wanting to hide.  This is why I cherish connecting with the people who sit in my chair and together, we can create a look that makes you feel more fully like yourself.

I believe that getting a haircut is an act of self-love.  And in a world that sells insecurity, taking pride your self-image is a radical act.

I am a technically-driven creative who has been specializing in cutting and styling hair for over 8 years.  I strive to stay curious and playful about my work, seeking out new learning opportunities on a regular basis. I tend to draw inspiration from the beauty of nature, simple embellishments, the types of imperfection that create visual harmony, and the unique individuals who are drawn to my chair.  I value distinctive idiosyncrasies over perfect symmetry and appreciate that beauty is subjective.
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